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For Exhibits, Exhibitions, Displays and Trade Shows ‐ Public & Private

Booth Construction ‐ Booths, platforms and space dividers shall be of materials that are flame‐retardant or rendered so, satisfactory to the Fire Department representatives. Coverings for counters or tables used within or as a part of the booth shall be flame‐retardant. All electrical wiring and apparatus will be of a 3‐wire UL type approved.

Fire Department ‐ A permit shall be required for the following:

1)  Display and operate any heater, barbecue, heat‐producing or open flame device, candles, lamps, lanterns, torches, etc.

2)  Display or operate any electrical, mechanical, or chemical device which may be deemed hazardous by the Fire Department. 

3)  Use or storage of inflammable liquids and dangerous chemicals. 

4)  Display any internal combustion engine (special requirements available upon request). 

5)  Use of compressed gases. (Permit available for 32CF bottles 1⁄2 full or less).

Obstructions ‐ Aisles and exits, as designated on approved show plans, shall be kept clean, clear and free of obstacles. Booth construction shall be substantial and fixed in position in specified areas for the duration of the show. Easels, signs, etc., shall not be placed beyond the booth area into aisles. Firefighting equipment shall be provided and maintained in accessible, easily seen locations and may be required to be posted with designating signs.

Fire‐Retardant Treatment ‐ All decorations, drapes, signs, banners, acoustical materials, cotton, paper, hay straw, moss, split bamboo, plastic cloth, and similar materials shall be flame‐retardant to the satisfaction of the Fire Department. Booth identification banners and signs shall be flame‐retardant unless smaller than 1232 square inches (28” x 44”) if separated from other combustibles by a minimum of 12” horizontally and 24” vertically. Oilcloth, tarpaper, nylon and certain other plastic materials cannot be made flame‐retardant, and their use is prohibited.

Combustibles ‐ Literature on display shall be limited to reasonable quantities (one‐day supply). Reserve supplies shall be kept in closed containers and stored in a neat and compact manner in a location approved by the Fire Department. All exhibit and display empty cartons must be stored in an approved drayage area. If show is under a 24‐hour approved manned security program, automobiles are allowed to retain 1 gallon or less of fuel, and gas caps must be taped. Batteries are to be disconnected and taped.

Storage behind booth backwall is strictly prohibited.